7 Ways To Style Your Sweater This Fall

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Slip Dress Turned Skirt

There's no need to make your slip dresses feel left out just because summer is gone. Style your chunkiest and brightest sweater to layer on top and style it with sneakers for your effortlessly chic moment!

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Play On Proportions

Nothing speaks more bougie than an oversized cosy knit paired with slim jeans and boots. The easy to put together look is works from a Friday night date to a Sunday brunch. Style your favourite tee underneath and shed layers on those fall days that still get a bit warm. 

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Colourful Stripe-r

Add a little dimension and colour to the dull winter mornings with a striped sweater. Bright accessories can amp up the look by playing off the stripes. 

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In-your face

One of the easiest ways to pull off your patterned sweater is to wear it underneath a blazer.  Pairing it with a blazer allows you to really play around with the colour of your sweater. The more colours you pack into your sweater, the simpler and more muted your jacket should be.

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Flirty Santa

Your Ugly Christmas Sweater doesn’t have to feel unloved just because Christmas is over! Your holiday sweater boasts a cute little pointy-eared helper. So, your skirt should be just as kitschy. Rocking a longer sweater with a swingy skirt, be your flirty-Santa-self and style with streamlined accessories to match the fall vibes.

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Dress up your sweater and make it party-ready with a metallic pleated skirt for a very feminine and easy to pull off took. Accessorize with a nice cross-body purse, sunglasses, and chic booties. If metallic isn’t your scene, invest in a simpler leather pleated skirt.

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With the 90s fashion taking over store clothing racks and our Instagram feeds, the comeback of mom jeans is a bliss for those lazy winter mornings. Mom jeans are truly genius – they’re tight in the places they need to be, loose everywhere else and can be worn with a statement belt. Take advantage of this phase by wearing your sweater with a pair of these jeans and enjoy living in the moment while paying tribute to the past.

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